Paul De Koninck, Lab Director

  • Professor, Département de Biochimie, Microbiologie et Bio-Informatique, Université Laval
  • Director, Cellular and Molecular Division, CERVO Brain Research Center
  • Director, Biophotonics Graduate Programs, Université Laval
  • Publications

Mado Lemieux, Research Associate

Hugo Poulin, Research Associate

Valérie Clavet-Fournier, Research Associate

PhD students:

Gabriel Byatt

  • Director : Sylvain Moineau
  • Co-director : Marie-Eve Paquet
  • Research : Development of tools for the control of bacterial populations in zebrafish gut microbiota

Margaux Caperaa

  • Director : Paul De Koninck 
  • Co-director : Gabriel Bossé
  • Research : Brain circuits establishment underlying social behavior during zebrafish development

Julia Chabbert

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal
  • Research : Molecular mechanisms governing actin cytoskeleton remodeling during LTP

Andréanne Deschênes

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Flavie Lavoie Cardinal
  • Research : Development of wide field multimodal super-resolution microscope

Marc Lebordais

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Pierre Ayotte
  • Research : Embryo-larval zebrafish as a model to study the neurotoxicity of methylmercury, the protective effect of selenoneine and their interaction with the gut microbiota

Antoine Légaré

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Patrick Desrosiers
  • Research : Influence of neuromodulators on brain states and behavior in larval zebrafish

Rachel Morin-Pelchat

  • Director : Paul De Koninck 
  • Research : CRISPR-based mutagenesis of neuronal cultures to investigate actin remodeling and its role in the plasticity of synapses

Jean-Philippe Songpadith

  • Director : André Marette 
  • Co-director : Paul De Koninck
  • Research : Microbial translocation from the gut in zebrafish obesity model

Odessa Tanvé

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Research : Microglia dynamics during zebrafish brain development


MSc students:

Emma Bader

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Research : Development of a transgenic zebrafish line for synaptic imaging and study of the development of excitatory synapses

Vincent Boily

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal
  • Research : Impact of microbiota on zebrafish brain circuit function

Cédric Goffard

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Co-director : Vincenzo di Marzo
  • Research : ...

Benoît Labrecque

  • Director : Paul De Koninck
  • Research : ...

Undergraduate Students:


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Our research endeavors are made possible by the following agencies:

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