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Laffray S, Pagès S, Dufour H, De Koninck P, De Koninck Y, Côté D.  2011.  Adaptive movement compensation for in vivo imaging of fast cellular dynamics within a moving tissue.. PLoS One. 6(5):e19928.
Pagès S, Côté D, De Koninck P.  2011.  Optophysiological approach to resolve neuronal action potentials with high spatial and temporal resolution in cultured neurons.. Front Cell Neurosci. 5:20.
Therrien OD, Aubé B, Pagès S, De Koninck P, Côté D.  2011.  Wide-field multiphoton imaging of cellular dynamics in thick tissue by temporal focusing and patterned illumination.. Biomed Opt Express. 2(3):696-704.


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